What I am doing now

Just what I am up to


I live in South Africa 🇿🇦


I currently work for Umuzi.

Conferences and community

There are a lot of things in the pipeline here.


  • PyCasscades: I'll be speaking about web testing with Playwright
  • PyCon Italia: I'm going to be doing one of the keynote presentations! Super excited


  • PyConZA: I'm helping to set up an opportunity grant process so we can open the doors a little wider
  • PyCon Africa: Planning has only just begun. I've been invited to be on the international planning committee


There are a few other potential conferences coming up. I've applied to a few :)

Let's see how it goes.


This is still crazy important to me. I'm still working on it. Initially I was aiming to publish something once every 2 weeks or so. Maintaining that pace has been a challenge. But it's important so I'm keeping at it.

I plan to build a kind of catalogue of different techniques and mindsets that are practical in teaching tech. Considering how well my recent talk at NUST went, I think people will find it very useful. Stay tuned!


This is another community in which I take part. I'm working on a very big piece of art with a very wonderful bunch of people.

Home renovations

Gosh, this is a giant pain in the neck at present. I'm working towards a nice kitchen.

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