What I am doing now

Just what I am up to


I live in South Africa 🇿🇦


I currently work for Umuzi.

Conferences and community


  • PyCon Italia: I'm going to be doing one of the keynote presentations! Super excited
  • DjangoConUS: I'm doing the opening keynote! I'm so happy T_T
  • EuroPython: I'll be talking about learning to code in the age of AI


  • PyConZA: I'm helping to set up an opportunity grant process so we can open the doors a little wider
  • PyCon Africa: Planning has only just begun. I've been invited to be on the international organizing committee


There are a few other potential conferences coming up.

You can get a picture of what's up next for me by looking here

Freeing up time for more writing!

I've been quite busy for the last while - I've been working on a major project that is not DONE! Woo! That means I have time for some important things:

I was initially aiming to write something once every 2 weeks at least. I want to increase that number if I can. This stuff is crazy important to me for a lot of reasons.

The first goal I have is to finish up series on my framework for teaching code. It'll be a journey.

I'll likely have a few side-quests along the way.

New training offering

I've seen some big holes in the software development training landscape, a lot of people are being under-served or are feeling pretty lost. To put it frankly, a lot of people are getting straight up ripped off by sharks posing as educators.

I will be building something in my personal capacity to address some of the problems I've been seeing. I'm still in the early phases of this but I am hoping to have something this year.

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